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About Us

 Silver Maple Farm had its beginning in 1989 when Christie Metz fell in love with the beauty, charisma, and gentle character of the Arabian horses of her dear friend, Judy Jones. Shortly afterwards, Henry and Christie Metz became Arabian horse owners themselves, and with the purchase of their exquisite foundation mare, Glorietasayonaara, became dedicated breeders as well. Although the Metzes have owned and bred numerous U.S., Scottsdale, Egyptian Event, and international champions, a primary focus at Silver Maple is to remain good stewards of the horses themselves, treating them with the love and respect they deserve. Becoming a business is not mutually exclusive of this goal but in their minds it is also a part of the mission statement.

Henry & Christie Metz delight in making new friends who share their love of Arabian horses, and are always available to newcomers with a serious interest in the breed.

To learn more about the history of Silver Maple Farm, please read the following articles and interviews which have appeared in major Arabian horse publications around the world under the News and Events dropdown tab called Stories in the archive section.

SMF 05FARM converted(1) from Christie Metz on Vimeo.

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