2013 Pyramid Society's 6th National Breeders Conference & Silver Maple Farm Visit :: Silver Maple Farm


2013 Pyramid Society's 6th National Breeders Conference & Silver Maple Farm Visit

The Pyramid Society held their 6th National Breeder's Conference in Solvang, California in November 1st & 2nd of 2013. During this amazing educational conference Henry and I hosted an SMF farm visit and a dinner on Saturday evening in our home. It is always a pleasure to be with other breeders of Arabian horses, the shared passion for these special animals creates a bond and friendships that are lifelong.

Conference Announcement The Speakers and Topics sandy and me  On one side of our home the view My sister,  Ann Marie with Judi Forbis and Carolee and Keri Wright From left to right:: Jean and Martha white, Henry and Christie Metz, Gina Van Buggenhout (Greta Dane) Sandy DeShazer, Tim Manring, Ken and Karen Shutes Keri Wright of Cariswood Arabians and Mauri Chase of Chase Arabians. Left to right: Joe Ferriss, Tzviah Idan, Debra Geiser, me, and Mike Bazell Left to right: Janet and Mike Bazell with Carolee Wright Left to right:: Becky Rogers, Scott Trees and Judith Forbis come on and see the presentation Fence hangers for the presentation Henry Metz with our last Glorietasayonaara daughter, Samura. Mike and Janet Bazell, Carolee Wright, Julie and Fritz Teutch Alex leading Samuras' daughter, Princess Samaria SMF by PVA Kariim Princess Samaria is hot, hot, hot Jillian Whitelow with her mother, Marliss Amato, Colleen Jackson and Janice Bush Deyonte leading Jade Lotus SMF (Ali Saroukh x Imdals Jade by Imperial Imdal Left to right: Mary Ellen Chavez, Pat Travis, Mauri Chase, Jim Pannick, Brenda Dumas Jewel SMF (Khaled KA x Jade Lotus SMF by Ali Saroukh) The arena with ALL those people and the shadow at this time of day were pretty scary!! Shelley Rice with the camera peaking through the fence Malak SMF 2013 Filly (Majestic Noble SMF x Ansata Majdiya by Ansata Iemhotep) Al Boraq Haana SMF (Symbolic SMF x Haalani SMF by Ali Saroukh) Owned by Jamal Anais, Morocco Sayo Sahran SMF (Makhnificent KA x Bint Bint Sayo by Ali Saroukh) Ali Saroukh Head Study by Lisa Abraham Ali Saroukh Ali Saroukh with Alex Symbolic SMF (Majestic Noble SMF x Shabour by PVA Kariim out of Sahbine, a full sister to Ali Saroukh) Majestic Noble SMF (Marquis 1 x Nagda by Nabiel) Viewers