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A Breeders Journal


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A Breeders Journal: The Breed Characteristics of the Arabian Horse

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A Breeder's Journal is 400 beautiful pages celebrating the Arabian breed and its long, rich history with mankind. Through its beautifully illustrated pages, it walks readers through the breed's origins with the desert Bedouins; how it inspired art and literature through the ages, and how it has evolved into a global breed today. A Breeder's Journal will be informative and appealing to all levels of Arabian horse enthusiasts, including experts, novices, and professionals.

For ease of reading, A Breeder's Journal is written in four artfully-designed sections:

  • Part 1: Type & Quality
  • Part 2: Style & Versatility
  • Part 3: Personality, Intelligence & Essence
  • Part 4: The Story of Silver Maple Farm

The galleries of photographs (the book contains over 300 stunning photos) in each section are breathtaking, akin to walking through an art museum dedicated to the full story of the Arabian horse. The final section is Christie’s personal breeding journal sharing the years of experience she and Henry gained, offering practical and thought thought-provoking breeding choices for Arabian horses. Whether your goal is to learn, to display it as a coffee table book, or to gift it to a friend or loved one, A Breeder's Journal is an enjoyable, educational, inspiring read sure to enhance your journey with the Arabian horse. 

Maintaining type and quality of the Arabian horse
will preserve its distinguishing characteristics. After all, the unique features
of the Arabian horse are those that ignite our imaginations and
capture our hearts like no other creature on earth.”

~ Christie Metz 


Here's what others are saying about A Breeder's Journal:

"A must for the library of every Arabian horse enthusiast." | Evie Tubbs Sweeney

"Christie Metz's gorgeous new book, A Breeder’s Journal, is the perfect tool for people who are either just beginning their love affair with the Arabian horse, as well as those of us who have been passionate about them for a lifetime. You’ll get lost in the romance of the breed’s rich history, then be able to apply it to better understanding form-to-function, studying pedigree information, and ultimately making enhanced breeding choices. I highly recommend it as an addition to every Arabian horse enthusiast’s library." 

~ Janina Merz, owner of Om El Arab