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Shai's 24th Birthday Party

*Simeon Shai’s 24th Birthday Party



Saturday dawned cold and drizzly but it was all roses inside the office at SMF with flowers sent by well wishers and trophies from Shai+ and other progeny; the sun came out in time for the luncheon and it became a bright and beautiful day in the valley. Henry and I were surprised by the turnout for the celebration; over 100 people came to help celebrate the event and from as far away as Michigan! One thing about Arabian horse folk, they love to see one another and see the horses!



Tiffany, Jennifer and Daniel Schmidt and David Cains of Stonewall farm sign up in the gazebo (note the wet surface). It rained in the morning and cleaned everything so beautifully. When you live in a semi arid climate you celebrate moisture anytime! Henry is greeting Ron Palelek of Washington State in the background.



Kelly Elm of Arroyo Arabians helping Christie to set up the “Wall of Shai”; many owners of Shai progeny sent photos and stories of their horses plus all the memory photos of the star himself. There has been so much time that has passed since he entered our lives that it was a bit of a shock to see the aging process with us humans; I can definitely say with assurance that Shai has aged much better! *Please see the stories from Martha White on Ibn Shai and his progeny, thank you Martha for sharing. I laughed a lot over them and rejoiced in how fortunate your horses are to be with you.



The luncheon took place in the backyard of Office Manager Ann Marie Linn who is also one of Christie’s five sisters!



Ann organized the wonderful food and just about everything else for our enjoyment!



Henry welcomes everyone! Marion Richmond sent a note to Shai from his “Mummy”.



The buffet was beautifully prepared and delicious besides.




Caesar (Gerry Alexander’s Chiweenie dog) was really bummed out; he wanted to have a sandwich with the rest of the guests. Oh well he did get to sit on Sylvia Linn’s lap and have a nice rub!



*Simeon Shai+ makes his first appearance with Emily Devers, Farm Manager for a special tribute toast given by Bruce Clark and Gerry Alexander in his honor. Ron Palelek also reminisced by sharing a memory of seeing Shai+ during a photo shoot outlined by the sun and reflected in the lake; he stated he would never forget that incredible image of Shai with his tail carried so high, the lighting and this proud and wise stallion. The original Shai Alliance was comprised of BruMarBa Arabian Stud (Bruce Clark and Gerry Alexander) and Vantage Point Farm (Ron Palelek). Under their guidance Shai became the only Arabian stallion to win both Canadian and US National titles, Scottsdale Champion Stallion and World Champion Stallion at the Salon De Cheval in Paris, France within ten months; a record unparalleled today.



Bruce Clark gives a tribute toast to *Simeon Shai+



After the luncheon we all moved over to the large viewing arena to see the presentation of Shai+ progeny, grand get and great grand get along with the influence on the SMF breeding program. In total 17 horses were presented. It was noted by Christie that Shai+ has over 450 first generation foals and over 1000 second generation foals. He has achieved the status of Legion of Honor through the Arabian Horse Association and “Sire of Significance” from the Arabian Horse World magazine in recognition for his contribution to the breed as a sire. There are champions in more than ten countries sired by Shai and on almost every continent. His impact has been global in scope. The presentation began with Shaia+ an 18 year old daughter of Shai+ presented by Bruce Clark and bred by BruMarBa. Bruce always led Shaia+ to the show ring no matter where we showed the mare. This is one day he did not get emotional on his walk but smiled the whole time. Shaia+ who is known for being very calm and deliberate is also like her sire in that she loves an audience and she gave a super performance with Bruce; she even remembered all her old cues!



I don’t know who looks more interested in where they are going, Shaia+ or Bruce?



Can you see Henry grinning in the background by the gate? Her tail went up and she had to show she was excited by standing up on two legs not four. Shaia+ is in foal to SMF stallion, Ali Saroukh for 2009. Pretty amazing for 18 years old!


Photo courtesy of Kimerlee Curyl


Legion of Honor Winner
Canadian Reserve National Champion Mare Top
Two Time Top Ten U.S. Open Mare Halter
Regions 18, 3, 7 and 9 Champion Halter Mare 9
Scottsdale Arabian Mare Breeding Reserve Champion 2 times
Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Mare
Supreme Champion Arabian  San Fernando Valley Show in Santa Barbara



Next is the Shai grandson Ali Sadiid pictured above with Emily Devers riding; he is a ten year old grey gelding (Christie’s horse). Sadiid has distinguished himself in Hunter Pleasure with amateur riders Cydney Cutchall (Christie’s niece who is now a professional trainer) and Madeleine Sims at the Egyptian Event (pictured below with Maddie). These horses are good representatives of the Spanish and Egyptian “Golden Cross”.


Photo by Darryl Larson



Photo by Richard T. Bryant


Madeleine Sims pictured with Ali Sadiid 2008 Egyptian Event; this young lady learned to ride on Sadiid and he holds a very special place in her heart even over some National champion horses she owns.



2007 Photo by Sparagowski



Fire Queen SMF
(Ali Saroukh x Shaia+)


As a two year old with Mike Neal at the Egyptian Event
in June 2008
Top Five Las Vegas World Cup
Reserve Champion World Class Fillies of 2006 (class of 27)
Reserve Champion Amateur Filly Two and Under
Champion Egyptian Sired Two Year Old Filly
* Still in training with Mike Neal Training Center of
Geneva, Wisconsin.
Photo by Darryl Larson



Bint Shaia
(BB Thee Renegade x Shaia+)

Photo by Kimerlee Curyl


A full sibling to Om EL Arab International sire Dreamcatcher SMF, Bint Shaia was shown in hand by Ashley Dupuis, SMF Farm Supervisor; she is a very lovely daughter and one of only two that Shaia+ has given us at SMF. Bint Shaia+ was leased for a 2008 foal by Om El Shaman producing a grey colt named Shahdom Shah for Daniel Aldana of Columbia. This pedigree is a reverse of Om El Shadream’s using a full sibling of Dreamcatcher (Bint Shaia) on the bottom and a full sibling of Om EL Shadina’s on the top. (Om EL Shaman)



Shahdom Shah (Om El Shaman x Bint Shaia)



Nightstar SMF another of the Renegade foals out of Shaia+ is a four year old black stallion being ridden by Rafael of Arroyo Arabians; he is available to purchase


Photo by Richard T. Bryant



Nightstar SMF (BB Thee Renegade x Shaia+)
Photo by Stuart Vesty (copyrighted)



Dreamcatcher SMF (BB Thee Renegade x Shai+) owned by Om El Arab International Photo by Gigi Grasso 2003



Emily Devers, SMF Farm Manager riding Suncatcher SMF (above) a three year old gelding is the fifth full sibling of this cross of BB Thee Renegade with Shaia+; He is in training at AB Training Center with Ali Brady. “Sunny” as Ali calls him will make a very nice Western Pleasure or Hunter Pleasure horse for a youth or a woman.



Ali Brady with Suncatcher SMF July 2008
Photo by Darryl Larson



Following this we showed Nejd Queen SMF another four year old recently under saddle in the very capable hands of Arroyo trainers Kelly and Rafael. This mare is not only gorgeous but so willing and when someone is not breeding her she may be a pleasure horse as well. Her dam PR Nile Queen is out of the mare Queen Anne’s Lace by Kamim, a beautiful blending of Egyptian and domestic bloodlines.









Shai horses are intelligent, willing and athletic.
Nejd Queen SMF
(*Simeon Shai x PR Nile Queen by Thee Desperado)
A four year old mare shown under saddle for the first
time after being in training for two months.
Rafael of Arroyo Arabians riding.
Photo by Richard T. Bryant



Influence of *Shai+ on the Straight Egyptian
Glorietasayonaara Family:



Sahbrina (*Simeon Shai x Sahbine by Ruminaja Ali) and Seraphina (*Simeon Shai x Shaboura by PVA Kariim x Sahbine) two look alike fillies from the Glorietasayonaara straight Egyptian female line. 2007 Photo by Vesty



Seraphina SMF 2005 mare
(*Simeon Shai+ x Shaboura by PVA Kariim)
Photo by Kimerlee



Shaboura by PVA Kariim
Daughter of Sahbine and granddaughter of Glorietasayonaara dam of Seraphina SMF 2007 Photo by Vesty



Influence of *Shai+ on the Diva Family:



Diva (Raquin RA x Antigua Dance)
Bred by Janice Bush of Somerset Farm
Photo by Darryl Larson July 2008



Diva Family on the way to presentation.
Photo by Bryant



Delilah SMF 2008 chestnut straight Egyptian filly by
(*Simeon Shai out of Dance Diva by Raquin RA)
Photo by Richard T. Bryant



Dance Divine SMF (*Simeon Shai+ x Dance Diva)
Two Year old straight Egyptian filly
Top Five Las Vegas World Cup 2008
Top Ten Two Year Old Straight Egyptian Filly Futurity
(class of 31)
Photo by Darryl Larson July 2008




Shai Elation (*Simeon Shai x AK Dalulia by Dalul) straight Egyptian ten year old gelding. Proudly owned by Dr. Rex and Christine Wang. He is their companion horse and loves his job! Kelly Elm of Arroyo Arabians riding.


Photos by Richard T. Bryant



BruMarBa Darkshai a 1998 Black Egyptian Sired stallion (*Simeon Shai x WCA Mon Cherie by Monogramm) bred by Gerry C. Alexander and proudly owned by Julie Vance. Darkshai is currently in training with Bill Porcher of Porcher Pleasure Horses. Watch for this handsome stallion in the show arena in Western Pleasure. He is representative of Shai crossed with Polish blood lines.



Dreamcatcher SMF Daughters: Shai+ Great Grand Get



Bint Example (Dreamcatcher SMF x Example)
2002 Chestnut Mare



Bint Example is a 2002 Chestnut Mare (Dreamcatcher SMF x Example by Barich De Washoe). She is a daughter of the famous BruMarBa Mare, Example who is the dam of El Perfecto by Val Hermoso; he is the senior sire at SES Planes in Spain owned by Marieta Salas. Bint Examples’ sire is Dreamcatcher SMF; a Shai grandson who is out of the exquisite mare Shaia+. Bea or “Barbie” as Kelly and Rafael nicknamed her during her training at Arroyo has a very important job at SMF; it is to be the Metz grand children’s horse. Bint Example is very confident in this role and takes her job seriously as you are able to see with three busy grand kids grooming her prior to a ride.



Om EL Shadream
(Dreamcatcher SMF x Om El Shadina by Sanadik El Shaklan)


A great granddaughter of *Simeon Shai+. This five year old mare is in foal to *Simeon Shai for 2009. Shadream was bred by Om El Arab International out of the international champion mare Om El Shadina sired by the late great, Sanadik El Shaklan. Not only does this mare represent the qualities of the Golden cross of Spanish/Egyptian blood lines she is a blending of two breeding programs here in the valley. Shadream was highly anticipated by Henry and Christie who planned an annual trip to the valley to visit Sigi and Janina just about the time she was to be born. It took Christie two years to talk Henry into purchasing the young mare and Mike Neal to say “You could be a National Champion with this mare”!


One chapter of her story is that Henry achieved his first National Championship for SMF with Shadream in 2005 as AOTH during the first class of the show and on the first day of the show. She has a wonderful show record with Mike Neal as well; winning Regions III, X and XI Champion Mare, three Class “A” championships, Champion at the 50th Scottsdale show in AOTH, 51st Scottsdale Champion Mare 2 and over, Reserve Champion at the 52nd Scottsdale Show and US Top Ten Open Mare Halter. Next year we will be expecting a foal by her grandsire *Simeon Shai+ thus having a great, great grand and a direct progeny in this one foal! Are you confused now? Basically we are line breeding back to *Simeon Shai+ through her sire Dreamcatcher SMF who is out of Shaia+ by *Simeon Shai+.



Om El Shadream a great granddaughter of *Simeon Shai+
Photos of Shadream by Richard T. Bryant


The Upcoming Cross of Shai on Ali Saroukh Daughters:


Jade Lotus SMF by Ali Saroukh out of Imdals Jade is also expecting a foal by *Simeon Shai+ representing one of our first crosses of Shai+ bred back onto a Saroukh daughter. We know that it works well with a Shai+ daughter being bred to saroukh after seeing the results of Fire Queen SMF out of Shaia+; for us this is a reverse of Ali Saroukh on Shai+ daughters.



Jade Lotus SMF
(Ali Saroukh x Imdals Jade by Imperial Imdal)





Nicknamed J. Lo for her wonderful attitude by good friend Beth Mishek this mare never tires of showing off and is sure everyone came to see her. She just makes you smile to see her sassy way of going, we are very excited to see the 2009 foal by *Simeon Shai.


Presentation of *Simeon Shai+


Shai+ is the only Arabian ever to win Scottsdale, Canadian National and United States National Champion plus World Champion at the Salon De Cheval in Paris, France; all of this achieved within a ten month period of time. Shai+ is also an AHA Legion of Honor winner as well as an Arabian Horse World “Sire of Significance”. He has 457 registered first generation foals; 228 mare, 144 stallions and 110 geldings. His second generation progeny total; 1024! 437 Stallions, 310 mares and 117 geldings. There are champions in over ten countries and one on almost every continent. Shai+ is known for contributing athleticism, beauty and the best of personalities to his foals. This has breeders returning to book their mares again and again.



*Simeon Shai+ on the way to his presentation party!



Whoo Hoo! Free at Last!







Yummy Birthday cake equine style,
thank you Ashley and Emily!



Now for the Teddy Graham cookies from Ron



Hey Ron, what’s with the organic carrots?!



Emily gives Shai more cake and then they are off to see his fans.





Joan Palelek reaches out to touch Shai.
Shai sequential Photos by Richard T. Bryant



Long live the King! 2007 Photo by Vesty



Henry and I wish to thank Mr. Richard T. Bryant for being the SMF Photographer for the celebration; not only do you take fabulous photos but you are a true friend.


Photo of the photographer courtesy of Kimerlee Curyl