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Delilah SMF - SOLD


Year Foaled: 2008
Color: Chestnut
Bloodline: Straight Egyptian

From the beginning this filly made us laugh! Her personality is so engaging and entertaining, one of those magical fillies who just seems to communicate with her silly humans. When Delilah was born arrived we were absolutely thrilled; she was born with a very extreme head and had the attitude to match this gorgeous face. Now, she has found her place with a lovely breeder from Saudi and we could not be happier.


ET Crown Prince Theegyptianprince
RDM Maar Hala
Raadin Royal Star
Om Khamsa *Tuhotmos
Raadin Hilal
*Simeon Shai+ 1984
Sankt Georg Ansata El Salim
*Bint El Bataa
Simeon Safanad
27 Ibn Galal-5 Ibn Galal
10 Hosna
Theegyptianprince *Morafic
FA Moniet
Raquin RA
AK Zafira *Ibn Moniet El Nefous
Dance Diva grey
Ruminaja Bahjat Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Antigua Dance
Talyla Ansata Shah Zaman