Shaboura :: Silver Maple Farm




Year Foaled: 1998
Color: Grey
Bloodline: Straight Egyptian

Shaboura (PVA Kariim x Sahbine by Ruminaja Ali) 1998-2012

In Memoriam

Rest in Peace Shaboura (PVA Kariim x Sahbine by Ruminaja Ali), a grey straight Egyptian mare bred by Christie and Henry Metz of Silver Maple Farm.  It was our privilege and great blessing to have you in our lives for fourteen years. You were so kind, amazingly beautiful, fun and at the end of a long and tiring journey, noble.

We will miss your head poking out of the stall in the main barn's aisle; the open stall front was perfect for you to demand a carrot of anyone who passed by and saw you pointing across the aisle at the carrots. Those carrots were so conveniently placed there in order for you to live up to your nick-name of "stall shark".  Henry and I want to thank all of your caretakers, Candace, Alec, Gilberto, Dr. Ric Redden, Dr. Phoebe Smith and the best Farrier who built the shoes for you to dance in, Pete Healy.

Now you can dance barefoot beside your dam and grand dam. Race away, race away with joy!



Shaboura on the left, Grand dam Glorietasayonaara in the middle and dam, Sahbine on the right.

Progeny Gallery



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