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Sahbrina SMF


Year Foaled: 2005
Color: Grey
Bloodline: Straight Egyptian

Sahbrina was a gift to us from Sahbine, her last one. She was an embryo transfer foal and her recipient mare had a colic surgery just two short weeks before she was born. My sister, a niece and Henry and I had been out together one evening when we dropped them off at the farm and were walking around doing night check. My niece came running out of the barn and said "Aunt Christie, the mare is foaling"! I was a bit stunned to learn this because the mare was three weeks early; we were quite concerned about this preemie that we had worked so hard to have!! Sahbrina is just fine, a sweet, sweet mare and one of my favorites. To date we have not been able to see her carry a foal to full term but we are hoping!!


ET Crown Prince Theegyptianprince
RDM Maar Hala
Raadin Royal Star
Om Khamsa *Tuhotmos
Raadin Hilal
*Simeon Shai+ 1984
Sankt Georg Ansata El Salim
*Bint El Bataa
Simeon Safanad
27 Ibn Galal-5 Ibn Galal
10 Hosna
Shaikh Al Badi *Morafic
*Bint Maisa El Saghira++
Ruminaja Ali
Bint Magidaa *Khofo++
Sahbine grey 1990
Ansata Abu Nazeer *Ansata Ibn Halima++
*Ansata Bint Zaafarana
Glorieta Shahlima Ansata Shah Zaman
Ansata Sabiha