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Darius SMF


Year Foaled: 2015
Color: Grey
Breeding: Purebred Arabian
Bloodline: Straight Egyptian

Darius SMF is the first male that his dam, Dance Diva has given SMF! We are very happy with him and he is extra special for two other reasons. He is the first foal by the young exciting stallion, Hajji Bekeer SMF (Majestic Noble SMF x Haalani SMF by Ali Saroukh). Secondly, his family is also Hadban just like Divas' family, just from a different branch. His dam traces to the mare Maysouna and Diva's dam traces to the imported mare, Hoda. There is a school of thought amongst the straight Egyptian breeders to double the Hadban increases the good points. Come and meet Darius! 
Please check all of his family out to see the quality generated in these lines. Dance Diva and daughters!! Haalani SMF and her family through Ansata Haalah. He will make someone a wonderful performance horse or friend for life.

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Marquis I Makhsous
Antigua Dance
Majestic Noble SMF
Nagda Nabiel+/
Bint Magidaa
Hajji Bekeer SMF grey 2011
Ali Saroukh Ruminaja Ali
Haalani SMF
Ansata Haalah - Reference Information - Sold 2009 Ansata Iemhotep
Theegyptianprince *Morafic
FA Moniet
Raquin RA
AK Zafira *Ibn Moniet El Nefous
Dance Diva grey
Ruminaja Bahjat Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Antigua Dance
Talyla Ansata Shah Zaman